How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Running 5.0 Lollipop

If you want to learn how to root Galaxy S5, then you must continue reading this article up to the bottom. Before you perform the steps, you must understand the risks involved in them.

Here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Obtain updated firmware version of your Android-based Samsung Galaxy S5 by Motorola.

You must also get the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s USB drivers.

  1. Download the program that can root Samsung Galaxy S5 and save it on your computer.
  2. Go to Settings menu of your Galaxy S5.
  3. Tap Developer Options.
  4. Turn the USB debugging ON

You must also turn on this option: Stay Awake

  1. Connect your Galaxy S5 to your PC using the USB connector that came with it.
  2. Transfer the downloaded program from your computer to your Galaxy S5’s SD card.
  3. Open the zip file of the downloaded program on your Galaxy S5.
  4. Install it there.
  5. Run the app.
  6. Follow the instructions.

You will know that the process has been completed once you get the confirmation message that says the overall process is done.

  1. Reboot your Galaxy S5.

Each program has different steps to take in order to configure this Android-based Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want an easier and safer app to root Galaxy S5, go check out Youtube!

What Rooting Can Do For Your LG G3

LG phones, being the powerhouses that they are, are in such high demand nowadays. The latest model of the series, the LG G3, has been receiving hardly any negative reviews in review sites across the internet (except for complaints about it’s $900 price tag).

While the phone already boosts spectacular performance, rooting LG G3 can take it’s performance and customization even further.

When you root an LG G3, you gain root access and administrator privileges. That means you have the ability to make any kind of changes you want to the operating system. That let’s you break free of all of the limitations that carriers and manufacturers place upon your device.

Heck, you can even install your own version of Android!

Technically, you don’t need to root your LG G3 in order to be able to flash a custom ROM (custom version of Android) on your device. However, since many ROMs come with custom kernels, installing a new version of Android usually necessitates performing a root.

Aside from artificially boosting your systems performance, a custom ROM that is built for a particular device, such as the LG G3, can significantly improve the efficiency of your device. ROMs such as Liquid Smooth are light on resources, yet provide a smooth experience for users.

When you perform a root on your LG G3, you also have the freedom to install “incompatible” apps on your phone that are meant for other handsets. You will also be able to install applications that aren’t from Google’s Play Store.

People have been rooting LG G3’s since the very first Android phone, the LG Dream, was released way back in 2008. Seven years on, the rooting community is growing, as more and more developments are being made to improve the Android experience.

How To Root Galaxy S6 – Step By Step Guidance

If we want to make the most of our Android device we have to get root permissions, let us see the detailed procedure to get the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

With root permissions we can change the system to the S6 root (in English just “root”) and then customize it and optimize it to the fullest. After obtaining these permits, for example, we can remove the app system that does not concern us, install a custom ROM that radically change the interface, or use a series of apps that modifying system parameters, the best use of our device. However, when doing this, there are also disadvantages, in fact, this procedure will void the warranty of the Galaxy S6 and take you from zero to one meter safety KNOX. Including then advantages and disadvantages, see the step by step procedure to perform.


As mentioned above, this procedure will void the warranty of your smartphone, only after reading and understanding the guidance and with the knowledge of the changes that you go to work! Before you begin:

Check the model

First we need to check the model of our device, to do this go into settings and click “info on the phone.” This guide will only work for the international model or the SM-G900F, so before you go make sure you have this model.

Download the necessary material

After that we have to download the .zip file containing the necessary material from CF Auto Root. Once downloaded, extract the files contained within and begin the process.

Find it:

Step 1: If you have connected your S6 to the PC, the fact that we open the program odin3-v3.07.exe

Step 2: click on the PDA button and select the file CF-Auto-Root- … .tar.md5

Step 3: put our device in download mode, to do that you turn off your device, then simultaneously press the Volume Down-Home Power and finally, when the confirmation screen appears, press the Volume Up key.

Step 4: Once you are in this mode, connect your phone to your PC via USB cable and wait until Odin will not appear in a message that says “Added”

Step 5: make sure that the “Re-Partition”, at the top of the program is NOT checked.

Step 6: double check that all items are properly set, and then press “Start” to begin the process

Step 7: Wait loading and at the end, if all goes as it should, it will appear at the top of Odin a message that says “Pass”

Step 8: At this point your phone will reboot and power disconnect power from the PC

If you have followed all of these steps and you should not encounter any error and you got root permissions on your Samsung Galaxy S6.


If you have any doubts, questions or request for explanation, please refer to our feedback form, the preparation of Android.Caotic remains at your disposal for questions and support, where possible, the application of the guidance to all its readers.


The guide is for illustrative purposes, with the drafting of Android.Caotic assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred to your terminal during the steps, aware of the risks, well exposed, to which you might encounter.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Running 4.1.1 / 4.1.2

To start you need to check which version of Android your Samsung Galaxy S6 is running on. You can do this as follows: Settings >> About Phone >> Android version. Depending on what it stands for you know what Android version is running on your device.

Before you start rooting, we recommend you to use your phone to create a backup of your contacts, documents, music, etc. and put it on your external SD card. Then choose the manual below, depending on the Android version you running on your device.

Make sure that your phone’s battery is charged. At least 50%.

A quick overview of what versions can be rooted using the below tutorial:

For Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android version 4.1.1/4.1.2, there is a root tool available. This is explained in the following steps in the below step by step tutorial so you can root your Samsung Galaxy S6.

If you CHOOSE to have your computer, you must remove the tool before you start your root process it.

Step 1: Check USB debugging.

The root process is necessary to have USB debugging ticking, this is done as follows: Settings >> options for developers >> tick USB debugging.

Step 2: Download the files that are required.

Now you need the root tool, Samsung Galaxy S6 toolkit download.

Step 3: Installation tool.

Install the file which you downloaded in step 2. Press just rush through, next, next, finish.

Step 4: Set the tool.

Start the installed tool. The tool asks you to check for a new version, type here no and press Enter. The tool then asks which model you have and what build you’re running. This can be checked by doing the following: Settings >> Device Info >> build number. Compare this with the choices you get in the tool, and click on one or two depending on the build you have.

You will now go to the main menu of the tool. You should now install the required drivers. Therefore, choose the first option to Install S6 Driver on your PC by pressing. 1 In the next screen, choose again the first option, type 1 and press enter. Choose your language and click next, next, finish up the installation is finished. The tool then asks for your Samsung Galaxy S6 to connect, do this with the USB cable. The toolkit performs some checks and it reads, Press any key to return to the Main Menu. Just press any button.

Step 5: The Galaxy S6 root process.

You have now completed all the steps and can begin the actual root process. If all’s done correctly you’re in the main menu of the toolkit, if this is not so then start the program again from start. Now, choose the second option: Rooting Options, type 2 and press enter. Then select the third option ALLINONE, type 3 and enter. Choose which recovery you want, type 1 or 2 for clockwork mod recovery or for TWRP Touch Recovery. We recommend option 1 on, clockwork mod recovery. Confirm by typing yes and pressing enter.

The start screen of Odin 3.

if it’s all configured, you can now start Odin 3, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure to do so.. Check if  “F. Reset Time “and” Auto Reboot “are checked. Press the PDA button and navigate to the folder: C: \ Samsung Galaxy S6 Toolkit \ root, choose this folder boot-insecure-xxalj1-CWM-n7100.tar. The file could also be called differently depending on the options you have chosen in Step 4. Now look in the toolkit at point 2 which file is appropriate for you. Now click on Start in Odin 3 Your phone will now reboot several times, and everything happens on your computer screen. Wait patiently until everything is completed and then disconnect your phone from your computer.

Step 6: Completion.

Congratulations you now have rooted Samsung Galaxy S6. Have fun with it and look forward to our upcoming topic regarding what to do after the root. We will upload it sometime in the future.

The root process is completed, you can now use all the advantages of a rooted device.

Kitkat Galaxy S6 Root Updates

Finally it was late last night so far! I received the anticipated by many push notification from Samsung Netherlands on my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S6, that the update is ready for download with Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

Manually search for the update on your discs will not work, so you’ll have to wait patiently for your turn. For Galaxy S6 owners that the update is not yet, it is hoped that they are going to receive it. Christmas present from Samsung on time.

Now we are on other devices such as the Nexus devices now use the long and wide KitKat Android 4.4.2, this seems like old news, but it is more than welcome, software improvement over the old 4.1.2.

Thus, the Galaxy S6 now has a renewed settings menu, Samsung is Knox security was added, and the Note II now fit to link to, for example Galaxy Gear smart watch through a Bluetooth update to 4.0.

A personal relief I find the changes to the default mail application from Samsung that has now been with bright colors what to read much better in combination with the super AMOLED screen in any lighting conditions. A new look Another graphical improvement is that the status bar on the Lock finally transparent, just a shame that Samsung has not made it to the home screen as well. Another plus is the ability to finally be able to use. You can now also use the Galaxy S6 Safe mode, and easily turn it on/off whenever you’d like.

We hope that Samsung will soon be updated to Android 4.4.4  or higher for the KitKat Samsung Galaxy S series and then obviously not just for newest models because we badly want a root for it, as we can can already do a 4.4 root easily, but not yet on the 4.4.3 update unfortunately! And of course, we’ll keep our fellow readers here on Grotesk updated when the root happens to be released.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 On 4.0.3 or Lower

Getting root permissions on a Galaxy S6 is certainly not a problem and never has been. There are many systems that allow full access to your device and today we propose a new system that allows you to get rooted and start the recovery process without having to change the kernel and then not seeing the yellow triangle when booting the device. The system is fully functional with Android 4.0.3; we did not try with Gingerbread.

Before we’re going to continue with this, please be aware that we are not at all responsible for the outcome of the whole rooting process on your Samsung Galaxy S6 device. Do not complain to us about the problems that you’re getting, simply go online and figure it out yourself. We only show what worked for us, if it doesn’t work for you, simply leave a comment or to the XDA forum. They’ll know, 100% guaranteed.


  1. MicroSD external
    2. CWM recovery on stock
    3. –
    4. –  (to eliminate the root)

To download the complete package which contains all the above files, you’ll need to download the root S6 4.0.3 zip file (not a direct link to the zip file but an external source which also contains the step by step information. Or you can use the below guide as your reference point.)


  1. Copy the file CMW w SU-Busybox in an external MicroSD
    2. Reboot your Galaxy S6 in its original recovery (power + volume  and press them until you do not see recovery mode anymore)
    3. Selected apply update from external storage
    4. Choose your parcel and wait for it to appear the recovery Touch.
    5. Now select install zip from your SDcard or external SD
    6. Select and install
    7. Reboot and you will have root permissions on your Samsung Galaxy S6 running 4.0.3 or lower.

Now you can download ROM Manager from the Android Market, and if you wish, install a modified recovery that will replace the recovery of the original Galaxy S6. This way you have the Root + Recovery without changing the kernel and no yellow triangle will show!

Look At These 4 Features That You Get Once You Root Galaxy S6

Before you root your S6, make sure that you know what’s in it for you. Below we’ve listed 4 great features that you can get access to once you get your Samsung Galaxy S6 rooted!

  1. Open the menu without touching the S Pen pointer

One of the most useful things that the S6 can do is that you don’t always have to use the S Pen to open the menu. This can be avoided by installing an app called GMD Air Command. The app will create an icon on the screen that can play at any time and will display the menu above.

  1. More touch gestures

This trick is perhaps more difficult to perform, as it requires root permissions, i.e. getting access to modify your software. Currently, there are very simple ways to do it and it’s totally safe, but you cannot ignore that may void the warranty. Having said this, you could install Xposed an extension manager for the system that would allow us, in turn, to download and install the SwipeBack module adds more gestures. For example, swiping your finger across the screen to advance in an application, and two swipes to go back. This is very useful when browsing the internet, for example.

  1. 3. Floating windows without the S Pen

Another function of the S Pen is that we can open applications in separate windows to work with them. However, this is possible without the pointer too. Just download the Floating Windows Shortcut, an app that lets you create shortcuts to applications that open directly into floating windows.

  1. Prevent the screen from turning off in certain applications

It’s pretty annoying to read a document and the screen to go off, for example. Given the professional approach of the Galaxy S6, you can avoid this inconvenient. As in the case of section 5, it is necessary to “root” the device so that you can install the “Never Sleep” module also through Xposed. This extension will allow to select what applications can bypass the backlight time and remain active.

So, are you interested and want to get started right away? Visit a tutorial and get it done in just minutes. Good luck!